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HOW does this happen, at the same time when the unemployment is so high many companies have vacancies?
WHY, whereas you have a lot of qualifications, they do not call you for an interview?
WHERE are the employers looking to find prospective employees?
WHEN is the right time to pursue the job of your dreams?

How can I use specialized techniques, such as 2S Branding, CVMatch and E.G.E.P. Distribution, developed by the Employ team, to make effective job searches?
These are basic and difficult questions concerning thousands of people not only in Greece but globally. The time when you simply were sending your resume in order to find a job belongs to the past. In this book, you will find all the necessary requirements that you need to do a successful job search and all the smart moves that will transform you into a remarkable candidate for the position you are looking for in any occupational branch. This book through simply words, targeted examples and valid information help you to differentiate yourself from the others, who they just duplicate outdated templates and instructions from the internet.

Over 130000 students, young people and professionals around Greece have trusted us to help them with their educational and professional choices due to our qualified writers and the long experience of our scientific team. As Career Counselors, we have conducted surveys and studies, which have been published. Moreover, we are collaborating with well-known media channels as well as with a numerous Educational Institutions and Companies in reference to Vocational Guidance and Education. Through our multiannual action in the field of Career Guidance we have helped, in many aspects, young people regarding their studies and their career paths. As invitee speakers in dozens of Conferences and large events (TEDx, Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Career Development etc.) we inspire thousands of participants all over the country to have a worthwhile career plan and to unlock their future.

Our Career Counselors have prepared this valuable guide for you by composing data, experiences and innovative approaches that will help you build a career which is going to strengthen you in the job market. This particular book will help you in a different way with your job hunting and help you to earn the impressions in the job market, which is changing rapidly, have many levels and goes far beyond the outdated templates and methods. Job placement, CV writing, career counseling, networking and job hunting are some of the fields you are going to read in this book which they are about to change the way you search for a job.

Available in all Bookstores from Patakis Publishers as well as via post by contacting us in (+30) 2130360288 and (+30) 2310230545.

Price: 15.90€

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