What we provide

The department of Lifelong Learning and the Center of Lifelong Education of Employ, certified by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) of the Ministry of Education (Α.Π.7459/2014), conducts seminars, conferences and workshops. Our subjects refer to the fields of Education, Teaching, Special Education and Psychology.

Why to participate

Being a part of a seminar doesn’t mean you gained an important asset. You may waste time and money. On the other hand, being a part of a certified seminar, conducted by the most accredited instructors, enriches your knowledge and your CV.

Some of Employ’s seminars’ invited rapporteurs are Hatzidimou Dimitrios (AUTH Professor), Pamouktsoglou Anastasia (t. Judge Pedagogical Institute), Fountopoulou Marisa (University of Athens Professor), Dr. Dinas Constantine (UTH Professor), Alevriadou Anastasia (Associate Professor, University of Western Macedonia), Bonidis Kyriakos (Associate Professor, AUTH), Efthimios Kakouris (Professor, Athens University of Applied Sciences), Tsimpidaki Asimina (Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean), Papailias Christina (Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean) and more other scientists.

What are the benefits of Employ’s Seminars?

The Center of Lifelong Education of Employ is certified and the company has conducted more than 800 programs all over Greece, while Employ’s partners’ network includes more than 700 institutions. Meanwhile, Employ is the first Greek company of the private sector cooperating with the University of Piraeus.

These imply that the seminars you will be part of, will be conducted by a recognizable institution on the field of Education based on quality services, rather than by any instructor- trainer of unknown origin. 

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