Teacher’s self-evaluation test | T.A.Δ.E. 

What is it?

Teacher’s self-evaluation test | T.A.Δ.E. is a result of years of experience in training teachers and educational staff. A set of questions in five categories, indicating features and skills of the educational staff.

Teacher’s self-evaluation test | T.A.Δ.E. is not based on the knowledge level of the education staff. Is just evaluating the skills and capabilities of the staff, while teaching.

The purpose of the test is to help the teacher get his/ her personal SWOT analysis, in order to evolve his/ her self-efficiency. There is an official report the candidate can use on his/her CV or personal portfolio.

Teacher’s self-evaluation test | T.A.Δ.E. refers to professors, teachers and students or educational institutions which provide the test to their staff. 

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