Who we are

Our History

Since 2006, thousands of high school students, students, teachers and unemployed have unlocked their future through our innovative actions and pioneering products and services.

As a pioneering institution on the fields of Lifelong Learning, Vocational Guidance and Career Counseling, we have implemented more than 1,350 activities throughout Greece and abroad with the participation of at least 128,000 parents, students, teachers and professionals.

Beginning from the city of Thessaloniki and expanding to Athens in 2010, we can meet your needs in every place of the country through a network of over 700 partners.
Employ’s Lifelong Learning Centre (certified by the Ministry of Education), Employ’s Education & Career counselors, the educational portal paideia-ergasia and all members of the group, have the highest penetration and the most recognizable brand on the fields of Lifelong Education and Vocational Guidance referring to ages between 16-40.

What we do

Are you interested in choosing the right Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Greece or abroad? Do you have the need to be promptly prepared for the labor market? Would you like to be educated or retrained? We can cover your needs through services such as individual counseling, specialized software systems, publications and training courses and programs. We provide:

a. Vocational Guidance for High School Students and Students
b. Lifelong Learning for Teachers, Professionals, Scientists
c. Career counseling for Unemployed and newcomers to labor market

Our team

The vision of Employ’s founders, Dr. Kotios Konstantinos and Dr. Taousanis Christos, was recruiting the company with a team of reputable scientists in every field. This is the reason why Employ is composed by 14 professionals, specialized per sector and 50 distinguished academic professionals and instructors with different educational background.

Our Future

Our goal is to continue shaping the development in our fields, being innovative and maintaining the leading position in our industry.

We were the first private institution of our industry having a partnership with Greek State Universities (University of Piraeus), implementing e- learning programs, while we were also pioneering when introducing the new technologies (QR codes) to the Greek publications of educational books. Furthermore we were the first, providing the self-evaluation assessment software program for teachers, responding to evolution of the educational system in Greece. Meanwhile, Employ has implemented educational programs about Special Education all over the country of Greece either within the form of seminars, but mostly within the form of blended learning.

Our crucial goal the period of the next 3 years is to strengthen our partnerships in Turkey and Balkan countries, while being the point of reference, and to continue being the example about new companies in our field.

Unlock your future!™

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Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it

David Starr Jordan

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up

Pablo Picasso

It's never too late to be what you might have been

George Eliot